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There are many brands of olive oil available. Most are standard factory manufactured and refined oils with little or no character. These in general are mass-produced and are a mix of different standards and countries. Consequently they do not have distinctive individual characters, superb flavours or fine fragrances. Some brands are individually milled and bottled and have distinctive characteristics.

ALANíS CHOICE is a very distinctive single area product that has the best characteristics. The trees are tended under supervision to ensure the best crop. No pesticides are used and only fully organic fertilizer is used on the grounds of ALANíS CHOICE plantation. Great care is taken to produce an olive that has the best potential for oil production.

ALANíS CHOICE olive harvesting is done in the old tradition of hand picking to minimize the bruising to the olive and then to get the olives sorted and to our local mill in the shortest possible time. This careful handling and short time duration allows for the best quality of oil to be produced by the mill.

The pressing is done at a very low pressure and the temperature is kept down to below 23į Celsius. Only the very first pressing is taken for ALANíS CHOICE olive oil. After milling the oil is tested to ensure the oleic acid level is below 0.5%, the maximum acceptable to ALANíS CHOICE, and then allowed to filter naturally for 30 days. Then it is screened before bottling.

The resultant olive oil is one of the finest available with a distinctive character, an exquisite perfume and absolutely superb flavour. The hand picked, first press Extra Virgin Olive Oil will give your salads and cooked foods the taste and flavour that all Gourmets would die for.

Glass is ideal, especially if dark in colour, to retain the natural character for some time. Olive oil is light sensitive and will oxidize in sunlight or under fluorescent lighting. For this reason olive oil should be kept in a cool dark place. 10 Ė 15 į Celsius is the recommended storage temperature.
Note: Olive oil should not come into contact with metal, especially copper or iron. Only approved non-oxidising metal containers should be used.



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